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By Dustin J. Byrd

Ayn Rand’s philosophy has once more came across a big half at the American political level. With the increase of the Tea get together move, her political and fiscal philosophy has infused the yank public discourse with a brand new Libertarian energy. paradoxically, lots of her new fans determine themselves as devoted Christians, a prospect that Rand herself might have rejected. This booklet severely stories Rand’s secular-atheist philosophy of faith, including her thought of altruism, collectivism, and statism, and asks the questions: How did Ayn Rand turn into conservative Christians’ favourite atheist?; Can Christianity, or the other prophetic faith, be reconciled along with her philosophy of greed, selfishness, and capitalism?; Can one be either a Christian and a committed follower of Ayn Rand?; Can one applicable her political and financial philosophy whereas rejecting her radical atheism and anti-religious stance?

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