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By Transmundane Press,Tiffany Michelle Brown,Claudia Quint,Amanda Iles,Amelia Steiner,M. T. DeSantis,Dana Wright,Jody Sollazzo,Will Jacques,Michael Seese,Brian H. Seitzman,Daniel M. Kimmel,Sati Benes Chock,Amanda Bergloff,Mary Victoria Johnson,Chris Chelser

The fortunately ever after is rarely the top.

The curtain does not fall as soon as love is well-known or evil is vanquished. credit do not roll as soon as the enormous is slain or the massive undesirable wolf is boiled alive. depraved stepsisters, malevolent rulers, and hideous creatures nonetheless have lives after their sinister roles play out; heroes, enthusiasts, and dreamers usually locate their victories result in extra troubles.

Within those pages are greater than seventy continuations, retellings, and eldritch tales that discover the darkish forests, magical castles, and ugly monsters After the fortunately Ever After.

Tiffany Michelle Brown, Claudia Quint, Amanda Iles, Amelia Steiner, M.T. DeSantis, Dana Wright, Jody Sollazzo, Michael Seese, Brian H. Seitzman, Daniel M. Kimmel, Sati Benes Chock, Rohit Sawant, Amanda Bergloff, Mary Victoria Johnson, Chris Chelser, Tom Williams, Sita C. Romero, KT Wagner, David Turnbull, John Little, E.M. Eastick, David J. Gibbs, Jonathan Shipley, Raven Ashwood, Robert Dawson, Shaun Avery, Kayla Bashe, Josh Burnell, Dimitra Nikolaidou, Kevin Hopson, Charlotte Bond, M. Regan, Jaap Boekestein, David W. Landrum, R.C. Mulhare, Megan Fuentes, Clara Lawryniuk, Lillian Csernica, James Pratt, Jenn Tubrett, J. Rossi, Daniel Hale, Robert Kibble, Matthew Brockmeyer, Randy Rubin, R. Judas Brown, Helen Dring, Juliet Boyd, Somer Canon, Edward Cooke, Deanna Smith, Alisha Costanzo, Ryan Chu, Linda G. Hill, Nathan Smith, Gregory Norris, Saryn Chorney, Jenner Michaud, Claire Davon, Lorraine Sharma Nelson, Michael M. Jones, Rob Rosen, Walt Giersbach, Renuka Raghavan, Jaren Rubiscoe, Marie Lathers, Jaclyn Adomeit, Anthony S. Buoni, Maren Matthias, William Gilmer, Jack Haigh, Candace Gleave, M. R. Deluca

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